We create
not just events.

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Premier Events is an event experience +
management agency.

What Our Clients Say


They dot my I’s and cross my T’s for all my event needs. They are extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of events – from understanding unique goals, planning, budgeting, forecasting, marketing, branding, technology, creative presence and execution from beginning to end. They are industry experts and know how to get the best results out of extremely different or challenging experiences. With dependable and proficient partners at my side, I am extremely confident in my plans and execution.


We’ve been extremely impressed with PEC — particularly their ability to level-up every single one of our events ranging from happy hours, launch parties, and conferences. Everything from their venue selection and recommendation, event planning, and coordination during the event has greatly exceeded our expectations. As a result of using PEC, our team has more time to focus on other areas. Without a doubt, I’d recommend PEC to others.


I am happy to provide a hearty recommendation of PEC for your event. PEC brings a deep knowledge of MS policy and process, ensuring that appropriate protocols and methods are followed. They drive efficient planning and never seem to forget a detail; they manage to a given budget, solve problems with deftness and skill, and are somehow always two steps ahead. You can count on them to push hard to manage the delivery of the goals that you deem will make a success. PEC is at the very top of my list when I am producing our Tier 1 keynotes and launches, and they would do right by your event.


The amazing PEC team brings strategic smarts, a wealth of experience, incredible project management skills and the unique ability to infuse a layer of fun and zen into all that they touch. I’ve worked with the team on events big and small over the years and everything they touch is always done with such excellence. I always feel a sense of relief when I have Jenn and her team in my corner.

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