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The Microsoft Advertising Partner Summit is Microsoft’s largest and most exclusive global event for the advertising industry.

Event services range from initial concept strategy and project management to contract negotiation and daily vendor management. Events include large conferences, industry meetings, trade shows, incentive trips, product launches, press events, private parties and branded experiences.

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In search, we work with massive complexity every single day. Part of the challenge in building a great search engine is to hide that complexity from the end user so all they see is magic when they issue a query. That is what it is like working with PEC. No matter how strange the request, how challenging the venue, how peculiar the talent or hosts – they hide all the complexity and simply deliver the best results that I can always count on. I never have to think twice about an event if they are the ones behind it. Everything just works.


PEC has served as an extension of our marketing team. We are constantly impressed with their ability to handle multiple events at the same time in an organized, efficient, and seamless way. They are incredibly thoughtful in how they represent our brand and align with our values as a company. PEC has been exceptional at resourcing themselves to accommodate our increasing demand and change of scope.


Jenn (and the team) have elevated the way we interact with our influencers at all our Key Moments. Not only do they deliver superior work, they do so in a way that makes working with them one of the easiest processes that I have ever experienced. I don’t know that we could deliver the results that we do without them, and I cannot recommend or praise their work enough!


The team has been a valued partner for the Microsoft Office Division in delivering a variety of events and activities.  We’ve done events without PEC and this duo, and we’ve always felt their absence.  The team is highly professional, creative and seasoned with exceptionally strong operational excellence.  They get my highest recommendation.


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